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About the Gin Rummy Associaton

Who is John Hainline?

Winner of more than 20 tournaments, John, with his wife and partner Lily Ann, are dedicating themselves to creating a new level of tournament excellence.

John’s passion for excellence and competition began with golf, and he was in fact, a P.G.A. golf pro for 20 years.

Lily Ann is a former teacher and educator.

Now with gin rummy being played on the Internet, and more and more players getting introduced to the game, John and Lily Ann feel the time is right to bring to the game and gin rummy tournaments a new era of excellence.

The World Series of Gin Rummy™ has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Lily Ann and John Hainline.

The Gin Rummy Association is the only live gin rummy tournament in Las Vegas.  To become a member, just fill out the information on the membership page and participate in one of the gin tournaments.  There is no association fee.

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