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If you are a Gin Rummy enthusiast that would like to fine tune your skills , John Hainline, offers his expertise to help in your quest to be at the top of your game. Whichever gin game you play, you can now learn from the best. John is skilled in Heads up play, Oklahoma , Flop, Hollywood, partnership, or tournament play. He has won more Gin Rummy tournaments than any other, and has worked with many individuals from across the country as well as abroad. If interested, please contact The Gin Rummy Association- 760-408-9998 or e-mail John at John and Lily Hainline will gladly discuss the details and answer your questions. Your gin rummy coaching is strictly confidential.

The procedure for our coaching is done in person. A client will play against Lily Hainline while John watches to determine the areas that most need attention.

This method allows the student to receive  immediate feedback in improving his or her game.

The method taught is quite modern and one that was developed after years of playing gin rummy tournaments. There are several concepts that are quite unconventional and yet proven to be very successful.

In the past few years we have worked with over 20 gin rummy  players that either play at their country clubs, or tournaments. We teach all sorts of gin play from Oklahoma, to Team, or even Round The Corner.

The number of hours necessary to accomplish being a winner depends on the beginning skill, the mathematical aptitude, and ability to play the correct way after the lessons.

One can equate this to a college course. We recommend several hours in order to grasp the full concept of this method.

Lessons are $250 an hour.

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Lily and John Hainline


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